My Journey into Voice Prototyping

Jeff Villa • February 22nd, 2022
My Journey into Voice Prototyping
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Analytics →
Analytics is the process of measuring and analyzing data in order to learn what users are doing. Analytics can be used to track what people do on across applications, on social media, or on a certain web page.
Business Strategy →
Business strategy encompasses all of the actions that bring design to the marketplace. Good business strategy helps organizations balance innovation with risk, and helps UX practitioners sell clients and colleagues on the value of their work.
Content Strategy →
Content strategy plans for the creation, curation, and maintenance of text, images, audio, and video. It also defines the tone and character of a business, in order to engage specific user groups and achieve business objectives.
Philosophy →
Although "philosophy" often refers to ideas that have stood the test of time, fast-changing technologies create new ideas that deserve scrutiny. Whether old or new, philosophy informs our values, our principles, and our processes.
Universal Design & Accessibility →
Universal design and accessibility are the guidelines and principles that allow content and design to be easily accessed by all users, regardless of their abilities or limitations.